2012 Consensus Conference Guidelines

In March 2013, updated consensus guidelines were published for the management of women with abnormal cervical cancer screening tests and cancer precursors. These guidelines were simultaneously published in the April 2013 issues of Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease (17:S1-S27) and Obstetrics and Gynecology (121:829-46).

On this page you can enter data for particular patients -- including age, cytology and HPV results, and pregnancy or menopausal status -- to read specific recommendations on how to manage the test results. Please note cytology diagnosis and age are required. If HPV status is not entered, the software will assume HPV testing was not performed or the result is unknown. Also, if the patient is not identified as being pregnant or postmenopausal, then the software assumes she is neither.

These recommendations are based on the references cited above and their accuracy depends on the accuracy of the input data. Also, the recommendations assume the test results were obtained in the course of routine cervical cytology screening and may not apply to patients with preceding abnormalities who are undergoing diagnostic testing. Finally, as stated in the guidelines: "Clinical judgment should always be applied when applying guidelines to individual patients."

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